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People believe that sunlight can help “dry out” acne, and a tan will hide pimples.

There is no such thing as a “healthy tan”. Sun exposure damages skin and what you see as a “tan” is the body’s reaction to this injury. Before the danger of UV light became well known some dermatologists even prescribed UV light exposure to cystic acne patients.

The sun does have a drying effect on the skin which can initially help to decrease some of the excess oils on the surface of your skin, however, sun exposure can actually lead to thickening of the stratum corneum, the outer-most layer, consisting of dead skin cells. When this layer becomes increasingly thick, pores can become clogged and pimples then form. This, combined with using pore-clogging sunscreen creams and oils, can lead to more breakouts. And, while a tan can help disguise the discoloration associated with acne, this effect will not last forever.

When going out into the sun be sure to use a strong environmental protection cream that contains zinc oxide, an ingredient that helps bounce those UV Rays off your skin and absorb oil.

Do not resort to pimple-popping or at-home remedies. The temporary relief from pimple-popping will lead to permanent acne scars.

Use a cleanser or toner with Salicylic Acid that will help to break down sebum or oil congestion in the skin.

It is important to wash your face to remove the UV protection after spending time outdoors.

Acne can be treated without the harshness and discomfort of traditional treatments that leave skin red and irritated.

Spot treatments may help dry up a new pimple, but that pimple started forming weeks before you were aware of its existence. It is best to manage the entire acne cycle with a full-face approach using a regimen that acne is treated most effectively through prevention, not spot-by-spot.

All skin tones can become damaged from the sun’s UV rays. The rays can penetrate clouds, so during the summer months (and all year long) you should still apply sunscreen Everyday.

Does the ocean’s saltwater clear acne?  Saltwater does have the ability to reduce bacteria through its surface-drying properties, however, there is no conclusion.

Kiki Skin & Body Spa offers a variety of treatments that will reduce or eliminate acne and decrease the likelihood of scarring. After careful evaluation of your skin we will recommend a series of customized, professional acne treatments along with a daily home-care routine.

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– Oxygenio Balance Charcoal Facial
– Clarifying Facial
– Clear & Brilliant Facial
– Series of Customized Acne Therapies, a 12-week, tailored acne Program
– At-home skin products

Don’t rely on the Summer Sun to heal or even clear up acne.

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