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Our talented staff includes highly trained licensed aestheticians and registered nurses who work together to provide in-depth consultations and customized treatment plans for unparalleled results. Their collective experience meets your unique needs to accomplish your skin care goals and offer a relaxing day spa visit in Andover.

Our team strives to provide you with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Age is just a number and with our advanced technologies no one will be able to guess yours. Visit us at Kiki Skin & Body Spa and you will not only look your best with a gorgeous, flawless complexion, you will also exude self-confidence!

Kiki Founder Owner


Founder & Owner

I ventured into this business more than 30 years ago when I struggled to find solutions for my own skin care problems. What started out as seeking answers soon turned into a passion. With a combination of a business degree, skin care knowledge, and extensive experience working for a large skin care company, my desire to help others led me to open the doors to my own Andover day spa in 1991. I have spent years developing my unique high-end skin care line with innovative formulas that combine nature and science, using only the finest botanical extracts to support the health, texture and integrity of the skin. All products are clinically tested, high-performance actives in the highest possible concentrations. The result is cruelty-free, natural products formulated with great attention to detail that deliver impressive results, all with a commitment to providing the very best. I continue to research, educate myself, and seek out exceptional treatments and products for my clients, many whom have been loyal to me for my entire career. Skin care at Kiki Skin & Body Spa is more than skin deep, it is an opportunity to educate clients during their treatment. Not only about the process, but the benefits as they relate to their individual skin needs. In addition to monthly treatments, it is my strong belief that to achieve healthy skin, one must also have a commitment to a good skin care regimen at home, utilizing high-quality products in conjunction with regular facials. Through this process, clients can achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my client’s skin transform, and witnessing their personal happiness grow and inner confidence transform as a result.



A member of our team since the doors first opened here at Kiki Skin & Body Spa, Patti has always had an interest in skin care since she graduated from Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics in 1986. Her passion for skin care and the science behind it are matched only by the desire to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Her goal is to provide great service and care to promote healthy and happy skin. Patti also received her master’s degree in Business from Southern New Hampshire University in 2012.

Susie B&w Head Shot



Susan graduated from Catherine Hinds in 1998 and has been with Kiki Skin & Body Spa since 1996. She also works with a medical aesthetics company, assisting Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Aestheticians in marketing aesthetics treatments to clients all over the US. Her greatest achievements are helping clients improve the condition of their skin, thereby improving their self-esteem and allowing them to face the world with brighter skin and a brighter smile!



Make-up Artist

With 25 years of experience, Elizabeth’s training stems from experts of prestigious makeup and skin care companies, allowing her to establish a strong base of loyal clientele. Throughout her career, she has worked upon the philosophy that makeup works to enhance healthy, vibrant skin that is taken care of with regular treatments and a solid at-home regimen. She finds it so gratifying to bring out the individual style of her fabulous clients while applying, consulting, and teaching them makeup techniques.


At Kiki Skin and Body Day Spa in Andover, our experienced and knowledgeable staff not only provides clients the latest information about our skin treatment options but they are also an excellent referral source for services outside our scope. We wanted to share with you this specially selected group of leading medical professionals that we have partnered with. We all know your face is a reflection of your overall health and our goal is to enable you to look and feel your personal best!

Dr Paula Muto


Surgeon and Registered Vascular Technologist

Dr. Muto is a board certified surgeon and registered vascular technologist with over a decade of experience successfully treating patients with swollen legs, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome as well as venous leg ulcers. She is a member of many professional organizations, including the American Vascular Society, the New England Society for Vascular Surgery, Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery, the American Venous Forum, and the Association of Women Surgeons. Dr. Muto offers patients the most up to date techniques in venous and arterial surgery at Muto Surgical Vein Center.


Cate Tucker


Board-Certified Surgeon

With 25 years of experience as a Board-Certified Surgeon, Dr. Tucker is passionate about helping women and men look their best. Specializing in Breast Health, she added Facial Aesthetics to her repertoire more than a year ago with Dr. Joseph Russo's Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts. Her specialty is a combination of Botox and Fillers. Her mission is to meet the desires of women to look their best as naturally as possible. A graduate of Tufts and recipient of the Compassionate Caregiver Award from The Schwartz Center, Dr. Tucker is often touted for her calm, reassuring touch and desire to make every client look and feel happy.

Dr Lisa Klasman .


Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Lisa Klasman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Natural Medicine of NH, LLC. Naturopathic Medicine is a branch of medicine that believes in a holistic approach to treating patients that strives to identify the underlying cause of disease. Dr. Klasman is guided by a philosophy that allows her to provide personalized medical care and promote health rather than only treating disease symptoms. She specializes in women’s health issues and provides treatments for issues with menopause, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, Celiac disease, depression, anxiety and more.