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Acne can be quite troubling, whether it occurs as a teenager or as an adult. While this pesky skin condition most often appears during puberty, hormonal changes and stress can trigger an episode at any age. At Kiki Skin & Body Spa, we understand how difficult it is to live with acne. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can reduce or eliminate acne and decrease the likelihood of scarring. After careful evaluation of your skin, we will recommend a series of customized professional acne treatments along with a daily home care routine.

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  • Most acne starts with micro-comedones, which form when dead skin cells accumulate with bacteria and sebum. This typically takes 12 weeks to form.
  • In acne-prone skin, micro-comedones create a breeding ground for acne bacteria.
  • Every single comedone is a time bomb just waiting to erupt. This is more likely to happen with hormonal fluctuation and stress.
  • Extracting the debris from clogged pores prevents an infection from forming. Regular professional extractions prevent materials from re-accumulating in the pores and thus prevent acne lesions from forming.
  • A miraculous, overnight healing treatment for acne does not exist. Even after acne clears or improves, a proper home regimen and monthly acne treatments are necessary to prevent it from coming back.
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 This treatment is ideal for acne-prone skin. Using gentle exfoliation, followed by deep-pore cleansing, the charcoal and anti-bacterial ingredients remove dirt and impurities while balancing oily skin. The antioxidants help to reduce pore size and promote collagen growth to minimize the production of oil. The facial is completed with Blue LED light that kills bacteria. The Glo2 Charcoal Facial is Nature’s Detoxifying Champion!  $235/60 min



This advanced treatment is designed to reduce blemishes in breakout-prone skin and improve skin clarity while soothing redness and inflammation. Suitable for teens and adults, this detoxifying and resurfacing treatment controls acne-causing bacteria, improves overall skin texture, minimizes enlarged pores, and reduces the size and frequency of blemishes. As skin appearance continually improves with additional facial treatments, a series of treatments is recommended, as well as home care products, for optimal results. $95




This robust acne treatment is designed to reduce breakouts, diminish inflammation, and improve skin clarity. The Clear and Brilliant acne fighting solution begins with a blend of glycolic, salicylic, and fruit acid resurfacing agents and then continues with LED Blue Light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. This facial finishes with an ampoule mineral lift-off mask to remove impurities and excess oil. Your skin will feel fresh and revitalized. $140




Breakouts can occur anywhere on your body. The Back is an out-of-reach area that is difficult to take care of. The Glo2 Back Treatment will address Breakouts, Discoloration, Dehydration, and Acne with its 3 steps:

  1. Exfoliation benefits of Microdermabrasion are gentle and non-invasive
  2. Oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin to absorb nutrients throughout the remainder of the treatment.
  3. Nourishment A blend of active ingredients are infused into the newly-oxygenated and exfoliated skin during the Ultrasound process, allowing maximum skin Nourishment and Hydration.

Your Skin will be Purified and will look and feel Great. Glo2 Back Treatment $250/60 min