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Kiki Skin Spa Andover Ance Treatments


Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. Adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 tend to be the most affected group. Typically people outgrow acne, but about 12% of women and 3% of men may still have acne well into their 40’s. Acne can have both physical and psychological effects, so it is Important to understand how it can be treated. Simply

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Kiki Skin And Body Spa Blog Collagen Sheet Mask

Pack your Facial Masks for Vacation

It’s vacation time, but never a vacation from taking care of your skin. Along with your everyday serums, creams and SPF another product to include is facial masks, Facial masks work by driving ingredients close and deeper into the skin, infusing your pores and allowing the skin to soak up more of the product. Face Masks can have the immediate effect that people are looking for, although it may be

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Kiki Skin And Body Spa Blog Beauty Sleep


Whether you wear a full face of makeup or just daytime moisturizer and sunscreen the importance of washing your face at the end of your day is crucial to your skin. Actually, cleansing your face in the morning is equally important. The term “Beauty Sleep” is justified by the fact that your skin is truly “Beautified” as you sleep, when your body rids itself of toxins, not only through sweat

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Does Ingesting Collagen Supplements Actually Work


We would all love for our skin to be taut and supple, wrinkle-free, youthful, and glowing. Our physiological aging starts at 30 years old or, perhaps, earlier. Collagen is a protein of our body comprising one-third of the body’s entire protein. It is a primary component of our skin, bones, muscles, and ligaments. Collagen is found in the dermis, and accounts for 70-80 percent of its dry weight, giving structural

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Sunburn And Melanoma Protect Your Skin

From a Suntan to Melanoma

Protecting your skin today may help prevent skin cancer later in life. Most skin cancers appear years later, but skin damage from the sun starts during childhood. There are 3 main types of Skin Cancer: Basal Cell Carcinoma Squamous Cell Carcinoma Melanoma Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are also known as non-melanoma skin cancers, and they are much more common than melanoma, being the most dangerous of these cancers.

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