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Retinol Booster System 2

RETINOL – It’s Time to Add it to your Skincare Regiment

Retinol reigns Supreme in the Skincare World. Thanks to new technology the Interest in the multi-tasking molecule that promises to ward off the earliest signs of aging and optimizing skin tone and texture has skyrocketed. It is the Gold Standard for actually reversing certain types of photodamage. It also helps to unclog pores and increase Collagen and Elastin, which reveals a tighter, smoother, Radiant skin tone. New formulations for gentle

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Kiki Skin Spa Not All Acids Are Created Equal 300

Not All Acids Are Created Equal

The word Acid has the connotation of a harsh and dangerous substance, however, it’s association with skincare is entirely different. The acids in skincare products are from natural sources.  The percentage used determines the way the skin will react to them. It is important to apply the appropriate Acid  in the correct way to transform your skin without a prescription.   It is possible to avoid irritation and maximize the Acid’s

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Kiki 4d Hyaluronic Acid

HYALURONIC ACID – Can make a Huge difference

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has skyrocketed to Superstar Status in the skincare universe.  It has made its way into every type of product including Toners, Moisturizers, Serums, and even dietary supplements.   It is compatible with pretty  much every skin type including sensitive.  HA is packed with benefits for Acne, Aging, and Hydration. How HA helps keep our skin healthy: It is a sugar molecule that is found naturally in our bodies.

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Kiki Skin And Body Spa Andover Ma Legacy Octipolar


The procedure achieves fat reduction, decrease in appearance of cellulite, minimizing wrinkles and tightens the skin. This helps slow down the process of aging due to nourishing your cells and blood flow. It also causes formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. These are responsible for keeping your skin smooth, rejuvenated, tight, and more youthful in appearance by eliminating stubborn cellulite and fat. You will notice better contours and a

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Kiki Skin Spa Is Your Skin Red Carpet Ready


It’s Awards Season in Hollywood.  The celebrities will walk the Red Carpet in fabulous fashions, jewels, and Glowing Skin. You may not have the opportunity to walk the Red Carpet but taking care of your skin so that it will look fabulous will give you the confidence to feel ready for any occasion. The New Year is the perfect time to commit to scheduling appointments and investing in skincare products

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