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The procedure achieves fat reduction, decrease in appearance of cellulite, minimizing wrinkles and tightens the skin. This helps slow down the process of aging due to nourishing your cells and blood flow. It also causes formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. These are responsible for keeping your skin smooth, rejuvenated, tight, and more youthful in appearance by eliminating stubborn cellulite and fat.

You will notice better contours and a much smoother shape, less sagging and lax skin, and a decrease in stretch marks. Sensational results are achieved, including decreasing the size of your waist, contouring your stomach, and having more definition in your abdomen.

Throughout the session you will be very comfortable. There are no incisions, anesthesia, long recovery period, pain, or any of the complications so often associated with surgery.

Others areas that benefit from the treatment are Upper Arms, Thighs, Buttocks, and Back,

The device uses a combination of pulsed electromagnetic fields and multipolar radio frequency, in addition to Van Pulse technologies. This means that therapeutic heat energy penetrating into your skin is SAFE. This heat increases the circulation of your blood , effectively Tightening and Plumping your skin and leaving a Radiant Glow.

In most cases you will be able to see your fat reduction results after one treatment. The best part is that there is no discomfort or downtime. Simply complete the session and resume your day where you left off.

Most treatments require 30-40 minutes to complete. The time will vary depending on the area being targeted.

The number of sessions you will need depends on how stubborn the fat and cellulite are.

A consultation at Kiki Skin & Body Spa will answer your questions. Schedule your first appointment for a firmer, smoother, contoured body just in time for the warm weather ahead.