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Not All Acids Are Created Equal

Kiki Skin Spa Not All Acids Are Created Equal 300
The word Acid has the connotation of a harsh and dangerous substance, however, it’s association with skincare is entirely different.
The acids in skincare products are from natural sources.  The percentage used determines the way the skin will react to them.
It is important to apply the appropriate Acid  in the correct way to transform your skin without a prescription.   It is possible to avoid irritation and maximize the Acid’s anti-aging effect on the skin.  Even those who are supersensitive can use them.
Unlike using  scrubs the skin is not damaged by abrasives, so an acid is a wise choice to avoid sensitivity and inflammation.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which include Glycolic and Lactic, Fruit Acids, such as Citric from Lemon and Grapefruit and  often combined with Alpha Hydroxys, and Beta Hydroxy Acids, namely Salicylic, loosen the fluid that binds cells to the upper layers of skin, allowing the dead ones to Fall away.  This process will reveal a smoother, brighter surface and will help regenerate skin, yielding new Collagen-boosting Hyaluronic Acid production and increasing the thickness of the skin.
Kiki skincare products and treatments include the process of exfoliation and rejuvenation to reveal your most beautiful complexion.
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