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Kiki Skin Spa Andover Ance Treatments

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. Adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 tend to be the most affected group.

Typically people outgrow acne, but about 12% of women and 3% of men may still have acne well into their 40’s.

Acne can have both physical and psychological effects, so it is Important to understand how it can be treated.

Simply put, acne is inflammation of one’s skin pores which consist of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands that are most commonly located on the face, back and chest. The cause of this inflammation is related to abnormal skin processes including increased oil production from sebaceous glands, change in hormone levels and over growth of bacteria.

There are 2 general kinds of Acne:

  1. Comedones: blackheads and whiteheads
  2. Inflammatory lesions : pimples, pustules or cysts

Healthy Ways to Control Acne

The healthier your diet, the healthier your body is in general, which leads to healthier skin overall.

Some cosmetics may worsen acne. Healthy options include using Cosmetics that are “non-comedogenic”. Also, clean and replace applicators often.

Squeezing or “Popping” pimples can aggravate the area and cause more inflammation, which then leads to scarring. Avoid this habit At All Costs!

If it seems that certain foods trigger breakouts, avoid eating them. Reach for fresh food for better, overall health.

Avoid touching your face which can increase oiliness, irritate your skin and encourage the growth of bacteria.

Keep oily hair off your face. Do not use a washcloth or sponge to cleanse your face. Be gentle with your skin and use non-abrasive cleanser.

Treatments: Salicylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Retinoids and Vitamin A-based Creams work to unclog hair follicles.

Kiki Skin & Body Spa offers many options to treat your acne condition and to reduce, eliminate, and decrease the likelihood of scarring.

With your strong commitment our aestheticians are trained to analyze skin and to recommend a treatment program that you will follow with frequent visits to the spa and the proper at-home products to compliment the Acne spa treatments.

Some of the treatments offered to target acne

-Oxygeneo Balance Charcoal Facial
-Deep pore Cleansing facial, suitable for teens and adults
-Clear & Brilliant Facial

Series of Customized Acne Therapies

This is a 12-week, tailored Acne Program to battle the effects of Acne that will radically improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Your at-home products are included with this program.

Visit Kiki Skin & Body Spa to learn more about the treatments available to manage your skin condition.

There is clearer skin waiting at the end of the tunnel!