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Whether you wear a full face of makeup or just daytime moisturizer and sunscreen the importance of washing your face at the end of your day is crucial to your skin. Actually, cleansing your face in the morning is equally important.

The term “Beauty Sleep” is justified by the fact that your skin is truly “Beautified” as you sleep, when your body rids itself of toxins, not only through sweat glands, but on your face as well.

The process works better on clean skin and you will look more rested and refreshed in the morning.

The toxin elimination is a natural process , and without doing so your skin will age each night that you for not wash off the impurities from the outside elements.

It is recommended to follow up your cleanser with the appropriate toner to remove any residue left over after Cleansing and to balance the skin’s PH level. Just as you cleanse the skin, be sure to use toner on the face and neck as well.

Your skin will then be ready to accept treatment products and will be easily absorbed.
Next, serums, moisturizer and eye cream should be applied along with a lipbalm.

Concentrating on Hydrating and Repairing can keep your skin Firm and Clear. Avoiding those steps will result in dull and lackluster skin the next morning.

By following a nighttime skincare routine you assist your largest organ in repairing itself faster and better. The skin cells regenerate faster due to the increased blood flow to the skin. By using the appropriate products your skin can maximize it’s Rejuvenation process.

Your night time skincare routine does not need to be applied exactly
At bedtime, but when you “retire” for the day. Wait at least 10-15 minutes to allow products to be fully absorbed by the skin before resting your head on the pillow.

Remember that each time you forget to wash, tone and apply treatment, you will be reminded of that the next morning by looking “Older”!

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Enjoy your Beauty Sleep