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RETINOL – It’s Time to Add it to your Skincare Regiment

Retinol Booster System 2

Retinol reigns Supreme in the Skincare World.

Thanks to new technology the Interest in the multi-tasking molecule that promises to ward off the earliest signs of aging and optimizing skin tone and texture has skyrocketed.

It is the Gold Standard for actually reversing certain types of photodamage. It also helps to unclog pores and increase Collagen and Elastin, which reveals a tighter, smoother, Radiant skin tone.

New formulations for gentle absorption will likely prevent reactions, such as redness and flaky, dry skin.

Retinol is among the many skincare products that is sold at Kiki Skin & Body Spa


Peptides, Antioxidants and a unique Retinol-encapsulated delivery system work together to stimulate natural cell regeneration for firmer, tighter skin.


KIKI’S Retinol Booster System represents a new generation of Retinoids that provide anti-aging benefits with Low Irritancy. The System contains Multiple forms of Pure Retinol that is encapsulated with liposome technology to ensure the stability of Vitamin A and effective delivery into the skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Unlike other Retinol products this 3-tiered system minimizes irritation and allows your skin to slowly adjust by increasing the percentage of Retinol with each step.

The Retinol Booster System can be used 2–3 times a year to enhance your daily anti aging skin care routine.

After completing the 3 steps, increasing the percentage of Retinoids over 60 days, you will notice an overall Improved texture and Vibrant skin tone.

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