Does Ingesting Collagen Supplements Actually Work

We would all love for our skin to be taut and supple, wrinkle-free, youthful, and glowing.

  • Our physiological aging starts at 30 years old or, perhaps, earlier.
  • Collagen is a protein of our body comprising one-third of the body’s entire protein. It is a primary component of our skin, bones, muscles, and ligaments.
  • Collagen is found in the dermis, and accounts for 70-80 percent of its dry weight, giving structural strength and toughness. An enzyme called Collagenase is constantly produced by our body and breaks down our collagen naturally.

The word Collagen is derived from the Greek word, “Kolla”, meaning Glue.

Oral collagen has become a skincare staple with some noticeable results.

Applying Creams containing collagen is not as effective, as the collagen molecules are a bit too beefy to muscle their way into the Dermis (the home of our natural collagen) that dissipates with increasing years; unlike the other skin component, Elastin, and makes way for sagging and ageing.

Our body is comprised of different types of Collagen, #1 and #3 being most prevalent.

There are hardly any approved supplements that can deliver types #1 and #3, the specific collagen type needed for the skin. Also, Collagen supplements are not the whole collagen, but bits of collagen (peptides) that are dissolved mostly by our stomach acids and barely absorbed by our bloodstream.

It is difficult to comprehend that collagen Peptides can survive the entire digestive process and finally reach the skin at desired levels to augment the depleted collagen.

Collagen supplements are also believed to strengthen nails, and improve joint mobility, and gut health.

In the most concise format, hydrolyzed collagen supplements emerge as skin Heroes! Creams containing Collagen Hydroxy also serve as good moisturizers or skin-plumping cream.

Our bodies do not directly absorb collagen in powder form to be used immediately by our skin, bones, and joints. Rather, our bodies break collagen in powder form down into amino acids (the building blocks of collagen). These are then used by the body, along with Zinc, Vitamin C and Copper to re-synthesize collagen, which can then be used by the body.

The commitment to take collagen supplements is long term in order to appreciate the results.

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